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"...one of the most exciting new voices to emerge on the Canadian literary scene."
– Colin Carberry
"Natasha combines magic with realism, sorrow with hope, personal experience with the universal and grace with horror. Her poems are a testimony of a young voice who has the potential to become one of the most unique in Canadian literature."
– Goran Simic
"Her analogies, metaphors, and direct statements are worked into a closely woven texture of loss and recovery." – Fraser Sutherland
"Natasha's voice speaks with grace, beauty, compassion and a deep understanding of the human moment."
Sang Kim
To create a moment of deep connection and recognition. Here a more humane consciousness is imagined for our whole planet: a more compassionate and co-operative awareness instead of a hierarchical one dependant on power and the apparently powerless. In this moment something like war, greed, financial struggle, racism, nationalism, etc. cannot exist.

Natasha is also currently working as International Artist Relations Director for the music/humanitarian project "Tuesday's Children".

Book Release!
My new book Stray Dog Embassy is coming out with Mansfield Press this October.

The official launch will take place on October 19th at The Boat in Toronto's Kensington Market at 7:30pm.

You can order the book here.