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Happening Now
Olimpico Café Writer's Table Book Release Day 6
Oct 31, 2022

💕 This was my last day of the first marathon sprint. I had such a beautiful day with people who were there today and a magical week. Thank you. 💕 Big thanks to Olimpico, the guys working there and Jonathan Vannelli for being so amazing and opening the café to me with such a giving heart, encouragement and support. I’ll never forget it. Maybe more to come. Stay tuned.

About Natasha
Hello friends and strangers. I write books and I made a movie. Before I finally grew into what I am doing now, I went to many universities, did translation work, published poems in journals and worked in several roles on other people's movies. Little by little, these steps gave me the skills and clarity to get to do what I really want to do, which is write my own books and make my own movie, maybe movies. When I'm not writing at a café, I'm probably strolling around stumbling on interesting things and people. I guess I should say I'm from former Yugoslavia, lived in Germany, and have lived in Canada for most of my life. I am currently based in Montreal, Canada and in Croatia/Bosnia.
Release: 2022-09-18
Language: English
199 Pages Trade Paperback
Release: 2022-08-15 Sarajevo International Film Festival
Language: Bosnian
Running Time: 107 mins.
Book Release: The Boy's Marble
October 2022
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