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Translation Service
Translation is an attempt to arrive at a state of being that is beyond simply knowledge that can be found in the form of dictionaries or information (vocabulary, syntax, grammar and pure logic). To translate, one needs to add the sensitivity of intuition and the ear not only for sound, but for melody.

Through continuing to use all three languages (English, German and Croatian/Bosnian) on a regular basis (in my personal and professional life), I have come to realize that each language is like a person. Each has its own body, mind and soul. There are some characteristics that remain from birth and some that are changed by time and circumstance. It takes patience, hard work and love to pass that formal stage of dry, strained and contrived conversations and arrive at a place, where each word flows with honesty, grace and music.
Project Highlights
"Looking for Tito" Short Stories Collection    view sample
Short Stories
Bosnian/Croatian ⇒ English
I have translated over a dozen of stories in "Looking for Tito" (Frog Hollow Press, 2010), a collection of short stories by internationally known Canadian-Bosnian author Goran Simic, who has written numerous poetry books, plays, short stories and librettos and whom I work for on an ongoing basis.
Nanodots User Guide and Press Kit    view sample
Marketing Material
English ⇒ German
My role at Nano Magnetics is to expand their product (magnetic spheres that are used for academic, educational and hobby purposes) into the German speaking market by translating various marketing materials.
Sarajevo Poetry Days 2010    view sample
Poetry, non-fiction, interpreting
English ⇔ Bosnian/Croatian
The Sarajevo Poetry Days is an international poetry festival that has been happening for 50 years with one vision: to share our human experience and celebrate our differences, rather than fear them.
German Play "Strike!"    view sample
German ⇒ Bosnian/Croatian
Lorenz Hippe is a German playwright and works in Berlin and Potsdam as an assistant director/producer. I translated his play "Strike! In dieser Nacht schlagen wir zurück", which was performed in Mostar, Bosnia.
Selected Poems for German Literary Journals    view sample
Bosnian/Croatian ⇒ German
Adisa Basic is a Bosnian author and journalist, whose poems have been published globally. I translated various poems for Adisa to be published in a number of German literary journals.